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All Donations Are Welcomed!!

There is a NEW cat sanctuary in town, and we need your help! We are very excited to get started helping our homeless cat community. But first, we are asking our community to help us with donations. We are accepting new and used items, here is our Wish List:

New Items:

Litter boxes- large and small

Cat litter (Dust-free and Odor control)

Cat bowls

Animal Carriers- ALL SIZES

Cat beds

Towels/hand towels/ wash towels

Cat food- Wet and dry cat food

Cat toys

Cat cleaners, natural sprays

Storage Bins

Used Items:

Litter boxes- ANY SIZE

Cat bowls

Animal carriers- ALL SIZES

Cat beds

Towels, rags

Storage bins

Cat toys


We are in the process of creating Wish Lists on, PetSmart, Petco, and PetsBarn. We will post when they are available.

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If you have any donations you like to send our way, please send us an email. We can pick up, unless you would like to drop off.

Thank you in advance!!

Selina Cardoza



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