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Our FIRST adoption!

We are so excited to find Stormie a good home! Stomie and her sister are the longest to be with us. So happy for Stormie!!! We wish her a good life.

Med time for Oreo

Joseph, spending time with Oreo. He is a bit wild, but with daily meds, Joseph handles him everyday. The look on Oreo’s face... priceless 


Joseph, spending time with Tiger

Joseph, our caregiver of the house, spending time with the cats. Tiger decides to pose with Joseph in this picture 😍🥰🐈‍⬛

Large Cicihild

Here's a picture of our largest Cichlid. Absolute beauty.... Don't worry all, We have full lids on our aquarium. Our fish are safe.

Fish Tank for our Playroom

Finally!!! We were able to sent up and successfully transfer 4 large Cichlids. Our cats seem to really enjoy them. This is a picture of  Moose, Phoenix, and Goose.

Our dog, Omar, Helps with Our FUNdraiser

Saturday, March 6th, Cruces Cool Cats met with CHS Dance Censations to collect donations for our first FUNdraiser. If you have any donations, PLEASE  call or text, we will pick up or provide an address for a drop off.

THANK YOU CHS Dance Censations for collecting donations, you have been a great help!

A Little Bit of Meds and A Lot of Love

Baby Sugar Cube and her 3 siblings have a very common eye infection. Joseph; the caretaker, is cleaning and medicating them 3 times a day. This problem started Sunday, 2-28-21. We bought treatment for our babies on Monday, 3-1-21. Treating them this morning is looking very promising!! These kittens are very healthy and strong.

We ALWAYS need help, paying for medications and vet bills. Don't forget to donate! Every bit helps! 

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New Man Cave

We found a new Man Cave! While doing a head count we found Tux, Butterscotch, and Skidder hiding in a corner. What a sight to see.

3 Musketeers 

Meet our 3 newest arrivals. These 4 month old kittens came to us from a vets office. They are fixed, have their shots, and a clean bill of health. They were rescued as young kittens and raised in the vets office. They are very shy, and slowly opening up. Come over and meet them! They will melt your heart!!

7 of Our Boys go on a Fieldtrip!

It's a fieldtrip day! All 7 of our boys are going to Southwest Veterinary Clinic, to be neutered, and rabie shots. We are hoping to find their new homes within a couple of days. 


Thanks to our Las Cruces Community, your donations made this happen!

New Roomba in Town

CCC purchased a couple of Ibots to help with the cleaning. Most cats hid while we tested them in each room. But not Moose and Bender. Instead they followed this Roomba around the room. 

A little help from my cat

Memory, my 14 year old cat, helping me update my website. I adopted Memory 13 years ago from the shelter.

Chilling with Stormie

Joseph hanging out with Stormie, our 11 month old adoptable cat. Stormie is very social, anytime you have a seat on our couches she is there to jump on your lap or play.

Building Our Feral Cat area

Creating spaces for everyone takes time and money!! Kevin and Joseph spent their weekends to build a extra large "Catio" for our ferals/ unadoptable cats. As of January 2023 we have 34 cats living there.

Our Feral Area

Everyday we work with our ferals. Not all our cats can be domesticated. Our feral cats are slowly coming around. We can pet most, but they still like the outdoors and want their space. On warmer nights we can feed them outside. They are all pretty good cats.

Our Cats Love Our Fish Tanks

I LOVE fish, and would like to expose my adoptable cats to fish tanks. In the “Playroom,” our cats love watching and hanging out around our tank 🐈‍⬛❤️🐟

Feeding our cats

3 of our permanent cats eating with our 2 upcoming adoptee cats. All are getting along very well

Getting the perfect picture from Moose and Goose is not an easy task.  

Moose and Goose are not the easiest cats to take pictures. These two lovely cats are very active and happy. You won't see Moose without Goose, these brothers are inseparable! We are hoping to find a home for both of them.

Meet Luna; our 100th rescue

This is Luna, she is our 100th success story! Luna lived in a home for 4 years, but was unable to bond with her human family :(

They called and asked to see if we could take her and find a home she can be happier at. It took 25 very patient days for her to build trust with us and the 7 other cats in the room with her. After a clear health check she will be up for adoption!

Kitty Prison While we Clean

Cleaning the kitten room is always a fun chore. Catching each kitten and putting them in kitty prison, its a task and a half, but so much fun..... They are soooo adorable!!

Feeding our boys in the playroom

Its not easy working with feral, even friendly ferals. But with time, patience and a lot of love, Joseph was able to take this picture. Our big boys eating side by side! We can always use volunteers to help socialize and clean, please volunteer your time today!

Late Night Cleanings

Joseph and I are new to all this, but very dedicated to our work. Between the two of us; we clean, feed, and medicate our cats. We stop when the job is done. Until we have more volunteers this is our schedule. 

There's so many expenses to run a cat sanctuary, but our main concern at this time is funding CCC's cats spaying/neutering and medical expenses. Anything helps! Please donate today.

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Stormie Found an Empty Lap

No lap should be empty!!! AT least this is Stormie's motto. Anytime, anyone sits down it is Stormie's mission to jump on your lap! What a cutie, don't you agree?

What's for breakfast Joseph??

Curiosity is always a thing with our cats. Joseph is solving the greatest mystery of all, what is in Joseph's breakfast bowl? LOL

Cat shelves!!

Everyday we try to improve our house for our cats. Kevin was able to put shelves up in our living room for the cats! YAY! We are excited to have our cats have a second level to play, explore, and lounge.

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