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Sponsor a Cat!

Share your special love for cats- Sponsor a cat in need! Day in and Day out we rescue and find homes for cats. Sometimes a cat with a chronic illness or feral is too much for an adopter to take on. We get that! Here at Cruces Cool Cats we have feral and special needs cats. But we need your help. For just $20 a month, we will be able to pay for food, water, and any medical needs for the cat you sponsor. Contact us today!!

How does this work?

You will be able to pick a cat you would like to sponsor. If you are a business, we can advertise your support on this webpage, Facebook and in our home. The funds will help our cats with basic needs, and veterinarian expenses.

Can I sponsor more than one cat?

Yes! you may sponsor as many cats a s as you like. The donation will be $20 per cat​

More questions?​ contact us!!


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If there is a cat you would like to add to your family, please, set up a​n appointment to see our cat home and/or specific cat. 

We are  available all days of the week, weekends, and after hours.

You can always call, text, or email

Selina Cardoza


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